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The City of Leland, Mississippi is located in Washington County, in the heart of the region known as the Mississippi Delta. As of the 2000 census, the population was 5,502. Deer Creek winds through the center of town.



Leland was established in 1886 with the coming of the Y & MV Railroad. It was a bustling and wild community with a saloon on almost every street corner. Gun shots were a common sound in Downtown late at night.


Over time, Leland shed its rugged image and became known as one of the most beautiful and peaceful places in the Delta. Cotton from the rich Delta soil brought wealth and prosperity to Leland, which helped build industry and make Leland a strong economic center.


As Leland's economy was roaring in the 1920's, the great Mississippi River flood spilled Deer Creek's waters into town. The community remained strong and rebuilt the many flood-ravaged properties. The Depression of the 1930's did little to break the town, but when the railroad stopped carrying people to and through Leland, the City's economy stagnated.


Today, Leland is a quiet town with a rich sense of history. Charming storefronts line the streets of Downtown, and the majestic houses lining Deer Creek remain, many in peak condition despite their age. Locals making their way through town always stop to greet the neighbors, and visitors who come through to visit the local businesses or Museum attractions are always greeted with a smile and helpful advice.

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