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Power and Water for properties located in the City of Leland are provided by Leland Light & Water, owned and operated by the City of Leland.


To order new service, you must provide:

- a photo ID

- a copy of your lease agreement or the closing documents on your home purchase

- a deposit ($300 for renters, $200 for homeowners)


Utility payments are due on the 20th of each month.


For more information, please call City Hall (662) 686-4136


Garbage pick up for household waste occurs on Monday or Thursday for the west side of town, and on Tuesday or Friday for the east side of town. Trash and yardwaste or limbs may be collected any day.


To request a new toter bin, please call City Hall (662) 686-4136.

$57.40 for a new toter, which is billed out over 7 months at $8.20/month.

Garbage service is included with the utility bill, at a cost of $15.50/month.

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